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The composition of house plans and prices

The composition of ready-made house plans we presented is: plans, sections, elevations, construction drawings, specifications. What is included in the standard ready-made house plan. House plans prices.

The composition of standard ready-made house plan is:

1. Cover sheet with "wet" seal of design organization.

2. Copy of qualification certificate of the architect, who designed the project. With certified personal stamp.

3. Explanatory note with a signature of the chief architect of the project certified by the "wet" seal of design organization.

4. Plans of the first and second floors. Plan of a basement if it is provided in the project.

5. Four of the facade.

6. Two cross sectional drawings.

7. Roof plan.

8. Foundation drawings.

9. Overlapping plans.

10. Precast concrete lintels drawings.

11. Roof details drawing.

The prices of ready-made house plans - architectural and structural part (plans, elevations, sections, foundations, floors, roof, the list of materials).
House plans (up to 100 sq.m) - 7500 UAH
House plans (100-150 sq.m) - 8500 UAH
House plans (150-200 sq.m) - 10000 UAH
House plans (200-300 sq.m) - 11500 UAH
House plans (from 300 sq.m.) - negotiable.
The prices of ready-made house plans may vary. The exact prices are indicated on each house plan page.

The price of introductions of changes in ready-made house plan and the price of custom (individual) plan could be determined only after the personal meeting and drawing up the design assignment).