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How to order a house plan. Payment and delivery.

How to order a ready-made house plan. Ways of payment and delivery of the house plan. The terms of house plan production. The order of custom (individual) plan. How to buy a house plan.

You can order a house plan:
- in our office (Kyiv)
- by phone or e-mail

Ways of payments:
- By cash while ordering in our office
- Make a transfer to our current account through any bank in Ukraine.

Ways of delivery:
- Pickup - getting the plan in our office.
- Courier services (free of charge).
- In any branch of "Nova Poshta" delivery service (free of charge).

How to order the house plan.

Way 1st. Order in our office
1. You contact us and come to our office.
2. We sign an agreement after discussing all details.
3. You make 50% advance payment.
4. We will inform you about the readiness of your plan.
5. You get the plan in our office or through delivery service.
6. You make the payment for the remaining amount.

Way 2nd. Order by phone or e-mail
1. We discuss all the details of plan by phone or e-mail
2. We send you an agreement and an invoice to fax or e-mail (and the originals to your mailing address).
3. You make a payment through the bank.
4. We inform you about the readiness of the project and details of sending (the date and number of declaration).
5. You get the house plan in your branch of "Nova Poshta" delivery service or through courier service (obtaining with a passport).

The indicative terms of order readiness are 3-5 working days.

We need the following information for taking of order:
- Your data for registration of explanatory note and signing an agreement.
- The delivery address and recipient data.