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House plan 71 sq.m - 102-071

We present to your attention ready-made two-storey house plan with an area of 71 sq.m. This house plan is perfect for building on a small plot of land.

House plan - превю
Plan cost: 7500 UAH
Total floor area: 71 sq.m
House dimensions: 7,6 m х 8,2 m
Number of floors: 2
Foundations: tape monolith reinforced concrete
Exterior walls: aerated concrete block
Overlap: wooden joist
Roof covering: inclined roof, metal roof tile
Plan name: Борис 3

Общий вид

Specifications, constructions.
The bearing capacity of soil - 1.5 kg/cm2.
Foundations - tape monolith reinforced concrete.
Walls - aerated concrete block 375 mm.
Roof covering - metal roof tile.
Number of floors - 2.
Second floor configuration - full.
Overlap of the first floor - on the ground.
The height of the first floor - 2.5 m.
The height of the second floor - 2.5 m.
Overlap of the first floor - wooden joist.
Overlap of the second floor - wooden joist.

Plan composition: architectural and constructive parts (plans, elevations, cuts, foundations, floors, roofing, list of materials). Details refer Plan composition.